Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dotty About...Wedding Hair Accessories

For my wedding, being on a budget (like most of us, I am sure!) I decided I wanted my girls to have something gorgeous for their hair (but something that didn't cost me too much) so I made them some hair pieces.

Don't worry, I gave them the option to wear them or not: my sister sadly declined, but my other two lovely bridesmaids met the challenge head on (pardon the pun ;-) )

As well as enabling me to personalise and bring in my colour themes to my bridesmaids outfits, it also gave me great pleasure to be able to give them something so personal.

My friend and I have been discussing what to do for her bridesmaids (of which I am very privileged to be one!) so I have been seeking inspiration from Etsy. So far I am loving:

Vintage Romance

Gorgeous Lacy Headband

Colourful Display

Crochet Love

For more inspiration and ideas visit my Pinterest board

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Dotty About...Rock'n'Roll Wedding Blog

Dear friends and followers,

I am so excited because my beautiful bride & groom: Katie and Chris have just had their wedding posted on one of the most highly aclaimed UK wedding blogs: Rock'n'Roll Bride.

Their wedding, which took place this Summer at Heaton House Farm, was so much fun, and I agree, it was tres Rock'n'Roll!

Here are some of my favourite piccies, taken by Ten Eight photography which feature in the article:

Monday, 7 November 2011

Dotty About...Rainbow Cake

Last week, while perusing Pinterest , I discovered Rainbow Cakes . I don't know why I never found or thought of them before, I mean, I am a HUGE fan of both rainbow's and cake - in fact, I once decorated my bedroom with phrases I like, one of which was a Dolly Parton saying....

"If you want the Rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain"

And, though I forget it sometimes, I actually think this saying is super poignant.

Anyway, back to Rainbow Cakes. My friends celebrated their first year of marriage on the 5th November with a bonfire party, for which I made them...well her in particular...a Purple Rainbow Cake - she has an obsession (not just a love, but a serious addiction) to the colour purple!

Congratulations Di and Rich xx