Monday, 15 August 2011

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Dotty About...My Best Friend's Wedding

Unlike the 1997 film I was so happy when my best friend Nicola married her soul mate in a gorgeous, bright and fun wedding at her home in the lovely little village of Greetham in Lincolnshire.

Getting ready in her family home, there was great hilarity when one of her bridesmaids picked up the "keep calm and carry on" gift to fan her with just before leaving the house.

Greetham church played host to the wedding itself which, after several Four Weddings and a Funeral comedy moments, the sun shone through the stain glass windows and lit them up as the couple said their vows (awww!).

After the ceremony we made our way to the family home to celebrate with the couple and their family.

Nicola looked stunning in her 1950's style dress which she designed with her dressmaker herself.

And as the two of them took to the floor for their first dance, it was clear to see how happy they will be together.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dotty About...Figs

Some of my favourite fig things...

Berkley Square cosmetics do a whole range of gorgeous Fig and Cherry beauty products which smell divine!

A great place to shop around for your wedding underwear ;-)

A super idea for your wedding display:

And finally, a bit of love for a gorgeous baked Fig and Goats Cheese Starter:

Dotty About...Figs

I had to write this straight away as I cannot express how excited I am.

I came home after a long day at work spent with some wonderful clients who are getting married tomorrow!! and decided to make the most of the evening sunshine, pour myself a glass of wine - a gift from tomorrow's bride (how sweet is that!!) and sit in the garden taking it all in, admiring my house husband's gardenry work (alright, I know it's not a real word, but is this some kind of fairy tale i'm in or what? firstly the Hubby cannot clean enough, then he is working in the garden planting stuff. I am beginning to think he has been swapped for a new model! it deserves a new word like "Gardenry", Trust Me!)

Anyway, there I am ooh-ing and ah-ing over his planting efforts, when out of the corner of my eye, what do I see...AT LAST my long wait of four years has finally bore fruit...literally! there on my beautiful fig tree is a gorgeous ripe fig!

Well done little fig tree!!

Now, I have high expectations for next year!!