Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dotty About...Slattery's

As my birthday pressie, I have been treated to a Slattery's Advanced Sugarcraft course. It's a two day course covering all the essentials plus some fantastic advanced techniques for making cakes.

Slattery's is the North West's most renowned Pattisier and Chocolatier. They run all sorts of fantastic courses and many train many top confectioners. They are particularly famous for their chocolate skills and their AMAZING chocolate cakes.

First day down and I have put together and covered my cake ready for tomorrow's decorating session, and tomorrow evening tea-party to demolish my beautiful cake! (sorry about the pictures, only had my phone camera and it's, well, it's rubbish!

Assembly of the cake layers
The two layers happily iced
The two tiers neatly stacked (if I do say so myself)
The fun part so far... More to follow tomorrow.


  1. looks wicked! congratulations on the course, hope you learn some good stuff :P x

  2. Thanks Krissi, it was ace. Just need to practice practice practice now. :D