Sunday, 15 May 2011

Dotty About...Lemons at weddings

Some top tips for using lemons at weddings:

1) Lemon cakes for favours - Here's something I am going to try next week, from a brilliant design blog - A Subtle Revelry

2) Lemons as decorations

3) Real lemonade for a refreshing reception drink - What about this for a recipe: Limoncello & Mint Lemonade (found on Noble Pig)

Add some sugar to some freshly squeezed lemon in a pyrex or sturdy vessel. Pour over a little hot water to melt the sugar into the lemon juice. When cool, add some mint leaves and squish with a pestle.

Pour into a glamorous glass (preferably with a lemon-sugared rim). Add some soda water, then top up with limoncello. Pop a slice of lemon on the rim of the glass (and a pink straw depending on the glass)and Taa Daa, a very classy, clever and eye-catching wedding cocktail!

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