Monday, 13 June 2011

Dotty About...Bunting

Around the time of the Royal Wedding, my husband asked me what I thought about the Royal Family and all the wedding shinanagins. I don't really have much of an opinion on that other than if they weren't in situ, I am sure that through the media we would hear more about some other poor sods emulating royalty, far better to appreciate the real thing!

However, it has occurred to me of late that I rather like them for one thing in particular...the sense of British-ness they install in us around any special occasion. It's not like life grinds to a halt per say, it is just that we Brits suddenly seem to appreciate good values - enjoying being part of the community that is Britain.

One of my favourite things that made this sense of community much stronger for me was the amount of bunting that suddenly appeared! I am actually DOTTY ABOUT BUNTING! I love it. I think seeing those little triangles flapping about in a breeze is just heart swelling. It conjures up and symbolises so many things... celebrating, having fun, drinking pimms, chatting and laughter.

God bless the royals for bringing back bunting! And with next year being the Jubilee I am very hopeful to see even more, and may even bring out my own range of Dotty About...Bunting. Watch this (web) space!

1945 Victory celebrations

1953 Coronation celebration

Street Party in Leeds celebrating the Royal Wedding (2011)

Even the PM get's out the bunting in honour of the Royal Wedding of William & Kate!

Of course, bunting is a cheap but colourful way of jazzing up any occasion, and is an easy DIY project for any bride (or your mum ;-) ) All you need to do is create a triangle template, cut out lots of triangular (or rectangular) flags from your choice of fabrics, then sew the tops of them to some bias binding tape.

If you are looking for bunting and can't possibly think about making you own or wait to see my Dotty About designs, there are specialist bunting companies you can visit:

Country Bunting
The Cotton Bunting Company
Bunting Queen, a personal favourite as they are very active on marketing and you may also hire bunting from them as well as buy it.

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