Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dotty About...Fudge!

Shhh, it's my best friend's birthday today, and I have decided to give her a (mostly) home-made present. I found this amazing heart shaped dish, and I thought I would fill it with all sorts of yummy treats for her.

So I made my mind up to start with fudge.

OH MY! you would not believe how many ways there are to make fudge!! Some are made with milk, some with milk and cream, some contain flour, some with condensed milk thrown into the mix, and others made with JUST condensed milk and dark chocolate which sounded yummy, however, for this gift, I decided to stick to a basic recipe from the Carnation website - if you haven't tried any of their recipe's yet, you really should, they are super scrummy. I particularly LOVE their Key Lime and Banoffee Pie's :D

Once I had mixed up the basic recipe (of course, this one contains condensed milk!) I added some crystalised ginger and dark chocolate to the mix before pouring it into the pan and leaving it to set.

I am pretty pleased with the result, I hope she will be to!!

(yes, the candles are home made too ;-) that's a whole other chapter!)

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