Saturday, 15 October 2011

Dotty About...Vintage Table Centres

So I have been talking vintage a lot lately. It is one of my favourite themes though.

The newest vintage trend which I love that appeared at the last wedding we went to, but which I then read about again in Vintage Life Magazine is putting a random collection of vintage items as a table centrepiece. Collections can include anything vintage looking such as books, jugs or teapots of large vintage style blooms, interesting jars, old fashioned telephones, biscuit tins, random bits of lace, oh, and don't forget your grandma's pearls! You get the idea.

If done well, it really sets the tone. If done badly, it can look a bit cluttered. Luckily I have only seen it done well myself!

If you do need some help with your vintage styling, contact the Vintage Patisserie - or at least check out their AMAZING website for some inspiration for your table centres such as:

This example of the table centres on The Wedding Chicks website by Andrea Dozier is another great example of how to style your table centres


Perfect Days Vintage is a company which actually hires out vintage accessories. And Grandma's Pearls!

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